Abstracts Submission

Abstract submission guidelines

All abstracts submitted for NANO 2022 must follow these guidelines.

Call for papers: 21 September 2021.

Call for abstracts closes: 10 March 2022.

The outcome of abstract submissions will be emailed: 9 April 2022.

Accepted presenters must be registered for the Conference before 22 April 2022

The abstract must be written in English and submitted through the Online Presentation Portal.

Presentation Title

  • The abstract title should be short, informative and contain the main keywords.
  • Format: Sentence Case, Arial, size 12, bold, centered.

Abstract Body

  • The abstract body should define the precise subject of the presentation to an audience. The abstract should state the problem being addressed, the purpose of the paper, basic procedures/methods, main findings and principal conclusions. The abstract body must contain the content of your abstract only. DO NOT include the abstract title, author names or references in the abstract body. DO NOT use equations, figures and references.

  • Format: Arial, size 11.

  • Maximum 1 page.

  • Abbreviations: Use standard abbreviations only. Within the body of the abstract, when using abbreviations spell out the name in full at the first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parentheses. Abbreviations may be used in the title, provided the name in full is outlined in the body of the abstract.

  • Headings should not be included.

  • References do not need to be included.

Submitting an abstract (pdf) via online system

  • To submit your abstract: please upload your pdf file when required.
  • Once submitted, confirmation of your abstract will be sent to you via email. This should be reviewed to ensure the accuracy of the submission. Please check junk or spam folders. Please contact nano2022@bcocongresos.com if a confirmation email is not received upon abstract submission.

Presentation Types

The following presentation types are available:

Oral presentation

An oral presentation consists of a brief talk and questions and answers time. Presentation slides and video clips are encouraged but not compulsory.

Poster presentation

A poster presentation consists of visual information (photos, graphics, text, tables and figures) that will be exhibited at the Congress in a poster format.

Symposia Topics

All abstracts must be submitted under the relevant symposia topic:

  • Defects, doping and processing of semiconductor nanostructures
  • Nanostructures for optical and electronic devices
  • Nanomateriales for sensors and flexible electronics
  • NanoCarbon structured materials
  • 2D quantum materials
  • Nano scale microstructural features in light alloys: Processing and Characterization
  • Nanocrystalline metals to contribute to the European Green Deal goal
  • Nanomaterials for solar fuels
  • Single-atom catalyst
  • Nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion
  • New concepts in advanced batteries
  • Smart Materials
  • Frontiers in nanostructured magnetic materials
  • Resistive switching: physics, devices and applications
  • Scalable manufacturing processes for nanostructured materials
  • Nanobiosensors based on Nanomaterials
  • Advanced Nanoscale Characterization of Materials and Processes
  • Nanomaterials for sustainable energy generation
  • Functional Materials by Thin Film Coatings


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