Defects, doping and processing of semiconductor nanostructures


Semiconductor nanostructures are fundamental building blocks for novel electronic, optoelectronic, photonic and spintronic nanodevices. The control of their physical properties at the nanoscale is the key to achieve the desired functionality. This symposium intends to give a snapshot of the recent progress in nanoscale research and engineering of semiconductor nanostructures with focus on efficient doping, processing and minimising or controllably introducing defects. It will address advanced characterisation as well as theoretical approaches and simulation schemes that enhance the understanding of physical and chemical phenomena at the nanometre scale. Defects play a critical role in any semiconductor device and their importance is potentiated in nanomaterials, where surface to volume ratio is strongly enhanced and defects at surfaces and interfaces are more often determining device performance. Point, line and extended defects as well as surface modification and functionalisation in a broad range of semiconductor materials and devices will be considered. This includes defects in novel two-dimensional materials beyond graphene, as well as semiconductor nanostructures relevant to quantum emission processes based on deterministic impurities and defect complexes. Contributions addressing wide bandgap nitride, oxide, and carbide semiconductors with emerging applications in electronics for lighting, sensing, energy applications, and more, are expected.

Targeted topics

  • Doping of 0D, 1D and 2D semiconductor nanostructures
  • Mixed dimensional nanostructures
  • Point, line and extended defects in semiconductor nanostructures
  • Defect-induced optical, electronic, and magnetic properties
  • Surface functionalisation/modification of nanostructures
  • Modelling defects in nanostructured semiconductors
  • Single defect phenomena
  • Processing semiconductors at the nanoscale
  • Characterisation of semiconductor nanostructures
  • Applications in nano-electronics, -optoelectronics, -photonics and -spintronics


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