Functional Materials by Thin Film Coatings


Thin film coatings became an essential means for the development of functional materials and are meanwhile an integral part of many industries, including optical, electronic, packaging, energy, medical, etc. industries.

The coatings demark the interface between the bulk of a material with the environment and are as such of critical importance for any envisioned application as they drive many of the material´s properties. The nature of the coating as well as the thickness, uniformity, conformality, and micro and nanostructure etc., are often critical parameters for a successful performance of the fabricated final material or successful implementation into devices. However, despite the advances in processing and materials fabrication, thin film processes and technologies are still in need of further development to satisfy the needs of current and future applications.

This symposium will cover various aspects of functionalization of material my means of thin film coatings. Those include developments and optimizations of coating processes, thin film assisted or enabled nanomaterial fabrications and applications that are enabled by thin films. Submissions are encouraged from all areas and aspects of physical and chemical thin film processing, both fundamental and applied, materials characterization and device engineering or applications.

Of special interest are applications which contribute to a greener planet, therefore submissions on research on ecological aspects of thin films is particularly encouraged.

Targeted topics

  • Processing by physical deposition methods (sputtering, thermal evaporation, laser-assisted deposition, etc.)

  • Processing by chemical vapor deposition, atomic/molecular layer deposition and related methods

  • Wet-chemical depositions (sol-gel, electrochemical methods)

  • New or improved functionalities or materials enabled by thin films and nanostructured surfaces

  • Applications oft thin films in optics, electronics, catalysis, medicine, energy conversion, energy storage, ecology, etc.

  • Green environment enabled by thin films



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