Nanomaterials for sensors and flexible electronics


This symposium will address emerging nanomaterial challenges to meet current trends in sensors and flexible electronics and photonics. It is intended to provide a forum to discuss the most recent advances in this multidisciplinary field, searching for actual research to improve or design nanostructured materials for flexible photoelectronics devices and sensors. The targeted topics include fundamental as well as applied aspects on material design, synthesis, theory and modelling or properties of interest. Applications will include chemical and biological sensing, toxic gas detection, medical diagnosis, wearable or flexible organic electronics.

Works related to (but not limited to) the topics listed below are welcome.

Targeted topics

  • Synthesis/processing of functional nanomaterials for sensors.
  • Flexible optical thin films and coatings.
  • Flexible photonic and electronic devices.
  • Glassy materials.
  • Printable electronics.
  • Organic electronics.
  • Chemical and biological sensing.
  • Toxic-gas sensors.
  • Lab-on-a-chip.
  • Microfluidics.
  • Wearable electronics.
  • 3D-printing.


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