Scalable manufacturing processes for nanostructured materials


To make full use of nanostructured materials in emerging fields, we need to show their application and usability in the final device that can be, e.g., optical, electrochemical, sensing, pharmaceutical.

To do so, we are facing two challenges:

  1. To demonstrate the making of such materials on large scale or at least pave the way how this can be achieved, and
  2. To prove how the required nanoprecision can be obtained to warrant the desired performance in the application.

This will require processing such materials along the value chain from the building blocks (e.g., colloid, dry particles, nanotubes, etc.) to devices such as a light emitting diode, a sensor, a drug delivery system or an electrochemical cell. In this symposium, we want to bring together different fields of applications to jointly discuss these topics across scales from the materials synthesis, via formulation, coating and device integration. Contributions from both experimental and theoretical background are highly welcome.   Thin film coatings became an essential means for the development of functional materials and are meanwhile an integral part of many industries, including optical, electronic, packaging, energy, medical, etc. industries.


Targeted topics

  • Technologies for the production of nanostructured materials by gas- and liquid-phase approaches

  • Formulation of nanostructured materials into building blocks (e.g., dispersion, functionalization, spray drying, granulation, comminution)

  • Processing of nanostructured materials into devices (e.g., electrochemical, optical, sensing, pharmaceutical)

  • Both, experiment and theory is welcome, hybrid or greybox models are particulary interesting

  • Contributions can focus on specific unit operations but also consideration of full process chains and product design is of high relevance  



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