Preliminary list of parallel symposia

Defects, doping and processing of semiconductor nanostructures

Katharina Lorenz, Joana Rodrigues and Emilio Nogales

Nanostructures for optical and electronic devices

Bruno Grandidier and Ana Urbieta

Nanomateriales for sensors and flexible electronics

Andrea Chiappini and Belén Sotillo

NanoCarbon structured materials

Florinda Costa, Rui Ramos Ferreira e Silva and Alexandre Faia Carvalho

2D quantum materials

Mario Amado, Camilla Coletti and Francisco D-Adame

Nano scale microstructural features in light materials: Processing and Characterization

Anna Zervaki and Sofia Tsipas

Nanocrystalline metals to contribute to the European Green Deal goal

José Manuel Torralba, Carlos Capdevila and Mónica Campos

Nanomaterials for solar fuels

Ho Won Jan and Sanhan Lee

Single-atom catalyst

Soo Young Kim and Hak Ki Yu

Nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion

Nathalie Herlin and Michel Trudeau

New concepts in advanced batteries

David Maestre and Neslihan Yuca

Smart Materials

Yogendra Kumar Mishra

Frontiers in nanostructured magnetic materials

Gaspare Varvaro and Davide Peddis

Resistive switching: physics, devices and applications

Nikolai Sobolev

Scalable manufacturing processes for nanostructured materials

Doris Segets and Ruud van Ommen

Nanobiosensors based on Nanomaterials

Laura Lechuga and María Soler

Advanced Nanoscale Characterization of Materials and Processes

Ehrenfried Zschech, Eva Olsson and Wolfgang Jäger

Nanomaterials for sustainable energy generation

Jeong Min Baik

Functional Materials by Thin Film Coatings

Mato Knez



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